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Purple Haze myGeeko E-Liquide CBD

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The first batch of myGeeko Kush will soon be available in limited quantities. If you want to take advantage of this e-liquid, before the others, it is possible to pre-order it.

Discover the brand new range of myGeeko Kush developed by myGeeko. Via an ancestral method, myGeeko has succeeded in creating the real taste of cannabis in its e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Thanks to the vaporization, feel the real taste of Purple Haze and rediscover this popular strain. Its sweet and sweet scent, which made this strain so special, is even better felt in this e-liquid. In order to accentuate the scent of the Purple Haze, myGeeko has used all of its know-how to extract the terpene from the Purple Haze. The terpene that has been added, in addition to the extraction of the herb, will allow vapers to perceive the subtleties of this memorable scent. This extraction process is a world exclusive, available only from myGeeko.

To give you a real feeling of well-being, thanks to CBD, we have added pure CBD crystal, in addition to the CBD already present in the plant. This method makes it possible to dose the dose of CBD more precisely, so that each vaper can find the dosage that suits him. When it comes to Cannabis, one strain keeps coming back. This is, of course, Purple Haze. Named so thanks to the very famous, and cult, Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze. Born in the 60s in Amsterdam, Purple Haze is one, if not, the most popular strain in the world. With a sweet and tropical scent, Purple Haze has a number of followers around the world.

This new premium range will introduce you to CBD e-liquid like you have never experienced it before.

Purple haze is available in 100mg, 300mg and 500mg of CBD

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After the success of myGeeko Kush, which has become a staple of CBD e-liquid, we have decided to expand the myGeeko Kush range and offer an exclusive premium e-liquid range. Using the method of steaming the hemp flower, we have produced a wider and more diverse range by using it on various varieties of flowers. In order to accentuate the fragrance, we have also added quality terpene from each of the varieties, in order to give vapers an identical sensation to the flower. myGeeko has used all its know-how to offer a perfect e-liquid

. A natural extraction, allowing to offer a soft and original scent, an addition of terpene to accentuate the fragrance and make the most of the subtleties of each taste and perfect control in the extraction and use of pure CBD.

By using pure CBD crystal, mixed with the extract and terpenes, the new range of myGeeko Kush will give you a real feeling of well-being. With varying dosages, you can use your favorite scent, with the dose of CBD you want.

Put in quality glass bottles and a dropper pipette, the myGeeko Kush range is a range of premium e-liquid offering a quality of vape unmatched in the world of cbd vaporization.

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