Rollex OG

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Hybrid strain resulting from the cross between White Fire OG and Kuchi

CBD content of 21.4% and THC content below 0.2%

Earthy and spicy aroma, with notes of lemon and pine, and flavors of earth, nuts, and wood with a touch of spiciness in the mouth

Balanced effects for daily use

Available in a 2-gram packet on myGeeko™.

Dried hemp flower, Hybrid type

Fragrance: Citrus, Lemon

CBD: 22.2%

THC: 0.19%

Sold in packs of 2 grams

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Rollex OG is a hybrid strain renowned for its balanced effects and unique flavor. This high-quality product is now available as CBD flower on myGeeko™.

Appearance & Origin

Rollex OG CBD comes in dense, resinous buds with a dark green color and orange pistils. It is a hybrid strain resulting from the cross between two legendary strains, White Fire OG and Kuchi.

Aroma & Flavor

Rollex OG CBD has an earthy and spicy aroma, with notes of lemon and pine. In the mouth, it reveals complex flavors of earth, nuts, and wood, with a touch of spiciness.

Effects & CBD

With a CBD content of 22.2% and a THC content below 0.2%, Rollex OG CBD is perfect for daily use. The effects are balanced and allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without altering concentration or mental performance.

Usage Tips

Rollex OG CBD can be consumed in different ways, depending on each user's preferences. It can be smoked in a pipe or joint, or vaporized using a CBD vaporizer. It can also be infused into a CBD oil or used in cooking recipes for a tasty and beneficial CBD addition.


Rollex OG CBD is available on myGeeko™ in a 2-gram packet. All our products undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure a high-quality experience for our customers.

Order your packet of Rollex OG CBD now and enjoy its unique benefits and complex flavor.

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