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The Berry flavor by myGeeko offers an explosion of fruity berry flavors for your DIY e-liquids. Create unique blends by combining it with other myGeeko flavors, such as Fresh Mint for a refreshing mix or Exotic Fruit for an exotic cocktail. Add a PG/VG base and a nicotine or CBD booster to personalize your vaping experience. Let the mix rest for 7 to 14 days for optimal flavor development. Adjust flavor and booster concentrations to your preferences and explore different combinations for a customized vaping experience.

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Berry Flavor by myGeeko - The Fruity Taste of Berries for Your DIY E-liquids

The Berry flavor by myGeeko is an explosion of fruity flavors that will allow you to create personalized e-liquids with delicious notes of berries. Combined with other flavors from the myGeeko range, you can make unique blends for a customized vaping experience.

Recipe ideas and blends for the Berry flavor:

Berries and Fresh Mint: For a refreshing and fruity blend, combine the Berry flavor with our Fresh Mint myGeeko flavor. Use a ratio of 6% Berry flavor and 3% Fresh Mint flavor, then add a myGeeko PG/VG base according to your preference and a myGeeko nicotine or CBD booster to achieve the desired concentration. Let the mix rest for 7 to 14 days for optimal flavor maturation.

Exotic Berries: Combine the Berry flavor with our Exotic Fruit myGeeko flavor for a fruity and exotic cocktail. Use 5% Berry flavor and 5% Exotic Fruit flavor, then follow the same steps as before to add the PG/VG base and nicotine or CBD booster.

Tips for personalizing your vaping experience:

  • Adjust the concentrations of flavors and boosters according to your taste preferences and nicotine or CBD needs.
  • Try different flavor combinations by mixing the Berry flavor with other flavors from the myGeeko range.
  • Don't hesitate to test different PG/VG bases to adapt vapor production and throat hit to your expectations.

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