How does an electronic cigarette work?

An electronic cigarette is made up of several elements. A battery, an atomizer, a resistor and e-liquid.

  • What is a battery?

The battery of an electronic cigarette is the element that provides the power to heat resistance and produce steam. The power provided by a battery is 3.7V to 4.2V. The battery has an autonomy calculated in mAh. There are several types of battery and electronic cigarette in general. Each electronic cigarette has its own characteristics, its own designs, its own advantages, disadvantages, etc. There are also Mod. Mods are more powerful electronic cigarettes. There are electronic Mod and mechanical Mod.

  • AIO type electronic cigarettes (All In One)

AIO type electronic cigarettes are the most classic models. The tank and the battery are in one and the same room. Thanks to this system, the cigarette is guaranteed without leakage. They are simple to use and practical. This type of model is an excellent model for smokers wishing to start the electronic cigarette. They provide regulated power between 3.7V and 4.2V, depending on the battery life.

  • Box

Boxes are square shaped devices. These are the most common devices. Some have a built-in battery, while others are interchangeable battery models. Most boxes allow you to adjust the intensity of the power. Generally calculated in wattage, it allows to adjust the intensity more precisely. The adjustable wattage boxes allow to regulate the intensity and to save the battery, as well as the density of vapor and the "hit" produced by the atomizer. There are several modes of use in the box to offer you a vape experience more enjoyable. The advantage of the box is that they have greater autonomy than tube models and they are more compact.

  • Electronic Mods

Most models of electronic cigarettes are electronic Mods. The electronic Mods make it possible to regulate the power delivered by the battery. Some electronic Mods are not adjustable, but most electronic Mods allow the regulation of the power.

  • Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mod are models without an electronic chip that can not regulate the power delivered by the battery (battery) of the device. Mechanical Mods are complex models to use. It is strongly advised to be well informed before the use of a mechanical Mod. Any mishandling, risk of accidents, such as explosions of the device. Indeed, the functioning of the mechanical Mod consists in delivering a power between 3.7V and 4.2V, without electronic chip to regulate the intensity. In case of overheating, the battery may react badly and there is a risk of explosion. Before using this type of device, it is advisable to be well informed before use and to have an increased knowledge of the electronic cigarette, as well as a minimum of basic knowledge of electricity and the law. ohms.

  • What is an atomizer?

An atomizer is the element screwing on the battery of the electronic cigarette. The atomizer is the reservoir containing the liquid and the resistance to produce the vapor. Each atomizer has a call for air allowing the circulation of air, in order to transform the e-liquid into steam. The size of the air call varies from one atomizer to another. The larger the size of the atomizer is open and the more the vape will be said aerial and is made for direct inhalation. If the call for air is no longer closed, the vape will be more for indirect inhalation.
Atomizers all contain resistance. The value of a resistor is calculated in ohms. The higher the value, the less power you can use. While the value will be lower and higher power can be used. If you want to use your electronic cigarette by indirect inhalation, the ideal is to use a resistance of a value greater than or equal to 0.6ohms and a power of less than 20W. If you prefer to use your device in direct inhalation, the ideal is to have a resistance equal or inferior to 0.5ohms and a power superior to 20W. On the resistors, the wattage range is entered, in order to use the power adequate to your resistance, so that it can last the longest. Indeed, the resistances have an average life of 3 to 6 weeks. When you have a burnt aftertaste or when the resistance no longer provides steam, it's time to change your resistance. It is also possible to manufacture your own resistors.

  • How to resist?

The rebuildable atomizer (or repairable) is a system that allows you to remake its own resistors unlike an atomizer equipped with a resistor pre-assembled and replaceable.
Often more expensive to buy, the rebuildable atomizer is more economical and environmentally friendly to use. The reconstructible atomizer allows you to combine the pleasure of making your own fixtures and improve the rendering of the flavors of an e-liquid.
Imposing (a diameter in general between 22 and 30 mm) and beefy, we naturally associate the reconstructible atomizer with electronic or mechanical Mods.

The assemblies of a rebuildable atomizer:
There are different types of assembly for reconstructible atomizer. By mounting it is necessary to understand the type of resistance that can be made.
All the rebuildable atomizers are all on the same assembly principle: a coil enclosed in an atomization chamber that will concentrate the vapor and the aromas towards the drip tip (mouthpiece) and propel the whole by an adjustable ventilation system: the air flow. There are single-coil and dual-coil assemblies. The single coil consists of mounting in a single coil, while the dual coil is a montage with 2 coils. The first is more focused flavor, while the second is more focused vapor density.

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