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Pack Armor Prime + 1 Accu + Slim 2K + GoMax Tank + Hooloo 60ml

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Pack Armor Prime + 1 Accu + Slim 2K + GoMax Tank + Hooloo 60ml

Armor Prime Mod is Ehpro's newest electronic tube. Enjoy the benefits of the mechanical mod, while having the security of the electronic tube. This tube has been designed to accept the 18650 and 20700 batteries. With its battery life display system, thanks to the light that changes color, as your battery decreases battery life, do not have plus the surprise of a battery falling in the road.

This pack is supplied with a battery charger, Slim 2K. The Slim 2K is a convenient battery charger for transport. Small, easy to carry, provided with a micro USB cable, this charger is charged by USB, you can charge your batteries anywhere. To charge 2 batteries at the same time, do not be out of battery anymore.

The GoMax Atomizer is an atomizer offering an aerial vape. This disposable atomizer has a resistance of 0.2ohms, allowing to vape from 40W to 80W. Once the resistance is no longer usable (taste of burning or does not work anymore), you have to discard the atomizer. The advantage of this type of atomizer is that you will have a new atomizer with each change of resistance. However, this atomizer has nothing to envy other atomizers. The aeration being well opened, you will have an excellent rendering of flavor and a dense vape.

This pack contains an Armor Prime tube, a Samsung 25R battery, an Slim 2K charger, a GoMax atomizer, a 60ml Hooloo e-liquid, with its nicotine booster.

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Nicotine Strenght
Hooloo E-liquid

Pack Armor Prime + 1 Accu + Slim 2K + GoMax Tank + Hooloo 60ml

Armor Prime Mod gives you the elegance and practicality of a mechanical mod and the security of an electronic mod. The neat design and its black sprinkled paint gives a very pleasant feeling to the touch. This mod allows the use of the batteries 20700, as well as the 18650 batteries. With the brand new batteries 20700, you will be able to benefit from a longer autonomy, without losing in power. The mod regulating itself automatically, allows a better management of the autonomy and the delivered power, according to your resistance. Thanks to its changing brightness system, depending on the battery life, you will not have the bad joke of a battery that falls flat.

With a diameter of 24.7mm, you can use your last atomizers on it. Measuring less than 10cm, this Mod is not bulky and slips easily into your pocket.

Simple and easy to use, the Armor Prime Mod is the Mod for vapers seeking a powerful but secure tube. To try it is to adopt it.

Supplied with a 60ml Hooloo e-liquid of your choice, you can also take a nicotine booster and more. This allows each type of vaper to choose whether it wants to vapote with or without nicotine. The nicotine booster provided with is a booster of 20mg / ml, in a 10ml bottle. When you add the nicotine booster in your e-liquid Hooloo, you will have a dosage of 3mg of nicotine. The Hooloo e-liquid is in a 60ml bottle. There are 60ml of e-liquid without nicotine, your taste Hooloo. Having no space provided for mixing e-liquid and booster, an empty bottle of 100ml is offered, so you can mix your e-liquid Hooloo and your nicotine booster. By taking the nicotine booster, you will have a total of 70ml of e-liquid, in addition to your complete kit.


1x Armor Prime Mod

1x GoMax Tank

1x Samsung 25R battery

1x Slim 2K

1x Hooloo 60ml

1x Nicotine Booster

Data sheet

0.2 ohms
Charging System
By Extern charger
Top Filling
75 Watt

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