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When it was created, the electronic cigarette was a simple device to use, discreet and light. Subsequently, the vaping evolved and the devices gained in power, sensation but especially in size and weight. However, these large devices displeased the new vapers. In order to meet the demand of new vapers, the industry has returned to the basics, offering electronic cigarettes that are easy to use, discreet, but above all, effective.

How does a Pod work?

Like any electronic cigarette, the POD consists of a battery, a resistor and a tank. The battery provides a power, calculated in watt, to the resistance, which will heat the e-liquid in order to produce vapor, due to the circulation of air.

However, the Pod is easier to use than a conventional electronic cigarette. The tank, the resistance, as well as the e-liquid are combined in one piece, called cartridge. Therefore, it is more than just clipping this cartridge into the battery and vaping. Once the cartridge is empty, we throw it and put another one.

Why take a Pod?

The pod is a good way to start the electronic cigarette, without investing too much from the start. Discreet and light, the pod will allow new vapers to soak up the world of vaping smoothly. Seasoned vapers will also be won over for this style of vaping.

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