#JeSuisVapoteur: The Movement Defending Vapers' Rights

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The vaping universe is in constant evolution, traversed by a multitude of technological innovations and regulatory changes. As vaping grows in popularity, it also faces significant challenges. This is where the #JeSuisVapoteur movement comes in. Created to defend the rights of vapers, especially in the eyes of French and European lawmakers, this movement represents a unifying force for all those who see vaping as a viable alternative to smoking.

What is the #JeSuisVapoteur movement?

#JeSuisVapoteur is more than just a hashtag. It's a movement with a mission to inform, mobilize, and defend the interests of vapers. Because "vaping will always be better than smoking," as the name itself translates to "I am a vaper", the movement strives to provide reliable and documented information on electronic cigarettes and raise awareness among policymakers often poorly informed on the subject. You can learn more about the movement by visiting their website at https://www.jesuisvapoteur.org/.

Why is it important to engage with this movement?

With the potential threats of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), the flavor ban in e-liquids, and excessive taxation of vaping products, supporting this movement has never been more critical. These challenges could make electronic cigarettes less appealing to users and deter smokers from choosing this effective smoking cessation solution.

The #JeSuisVapoteur movement fights against these threats by striving to raise awareness about vaping as a smoking cessation tool, while informing about the threats surrounding it. That's why every vaper, every person who has successfully quit smoking thanks to vaping, should consider engaging with this movement.

How to engage with the #JeSuisVapoteur movement?

Engaging with the #JeSuisVapoteur movement is a simple but powerful process. You can start by visiting their website to inform yourself about the latest news and challenges the vaping community is facing. The website also provides a variety of tools to support vaping, including offering the possibility to inform your deputies about the importance of vaping as a smoking cessation tool.

Remember, the #JeSuisVapoteur movement is not limited to a single platform or a single method of engagement. Whether you choose to actively participate in events organized by the movement, share your personal smoking cessation story thanks to vaping, or simply raise awareness of the movement in your surroundings, every action counts.

Together, we can make a difference

It is crucial to understand that vaping, far more than a simple hobby, is a means for many people to quit smoking. That's why it's so important to support the #JeSuisVapoteur movement. Because every voice counts, because every story of quitting smoking thanks to vaping is a victory, it's time to mobilize and defend what helped us quit smoking. Together, we can make a difference, and together, we can loudly say: #JeSuisVapoteur.

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