Medical Cannabis Status in England: Vaporization vs Combustion

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Medical cannabis, a subject of many controversies and discussions worldwide, became a reality in England in 2018. Beyond its legal status, a major concern remains: how to consume cannabis in a way that maximizes its therapeutic benefits while minimizing health risks? The answer often lies in the choice between vaporization and combustion.

1. Status of Medical Cannabis in England

Since November 2018, England has taken a significant step forward by legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. This was the result of a lengthy national debate, fueled by poignant testimonials from patients and their families, who argued in favor of the potential benefits of cannabis in treating various ailments.

However, the prescription of medical cannabis remains highly regulated. Only hospital specialists are authorized to prescribe it in specific and rare cases, notably for certain types of epilepsy or chronic pain that do not respond to traditional treatments.

2. Vaporization vs Combustion

a. Advantages of Vaporization

  • Fewer toxins: Vaporization heats the cannabis to a temperature where the cannabinoids are released without reaching the point of combustion. This process eliminates many of the harmful toxins produced during combustion.
  • Increased efficiency: When vaporizing, a larger proportion of cannabinoids are inhaled compared to combustion, meaning you get more benefits with less material.
  • Better dosage control: Modern vaporizers allow users to precisely set the temperature, thus offering better control over the amount of cannabinoids released.

b. Disadvantages of Combustion

  • Inhalation of harmful substances: When cannabis is burned, it produces a series of harmful chemicals, including carcinogens.
  • Less efficiency: A large portion of cannabinoids is destroyed during combustion, thereby reducing the efficiency of the cannabis.


The health of patients is the absolute priority when prescribing cannabis for medical purposes. This is why vaporization is preferred, as it offers a cleaner, safer, and more effective method of administration than traditional combustion. For those looking to maximize the benefits of cannabis while minimizing potential risks, vaporization is the way to go.

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