Why prefer the electronic cigarette to the disposable puff?

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The rechargeable electronic cigarette has proven itself over the years by establishing itself as the best way to quit smoking, the disposable electronic cigarette is normally designed to offer an alternative solution to a broken down vaper. The problem is that this disposable electronic cigarette or “puff” has been diverted from its main purpose and today opens the doors of vaping to non-smokers.

Although the disposable electronic cigarette offers an alternative, it is only temporary. Indeed, the nicotine dosages of the “puff” happen to be twice what can be found on the traditional electronic cigarette market, most “puff” ships between 10mg and 20mg of nicotine which is enormous. Some are available in 0mg and therefore pass for harmless, while it is still a product intended for smoking cessation.

Disposable or “puff” e-cigarettes typically use nicotine salt, but what does that mean? Nicotine salt is a derivative of traditional nicotine and it offers less of a “hit” sensation (the tingling in the throat produced by nicotine) which allows for very high nicotine dosages. In a traditional electronic cigarette the maximum nicotine dosage is usually 12mg which is recommended for smokers of more than 20 cigarettes per day.

The disposable electronic cigarette is also an ecological problem, in fact, this device is composed of a battery, resistance, plastic, and cotton soaked in e-liquid. While a traditional electronic cigarette uses the same battery that is recharged as well as the tank.

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