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Discover our range of CBD cosmetics. cosmetics were designed when you want to apply CBD to a specific location on your body. Several types of cream are available and each one is intended for a part of the body. Creams for the face, for the body, for the hands, ... Several possibilities are available to you, according to your needs.

Developed in California, these high quality products were created by the greatest CBD researchers in the United States. Each product has been tested and validated by our team.

Face cream CBD

Face Cream is an ideal cream to revitalize your skin and give you a feeling of freshness and relaxation in your face. In addition to revitalizing your skin, cbd face cream helps hydrate your skin. Ideal for people with dry, mature or sun-exposed skin. It is also useful as an anti-wrinkle and is a healing cream. This cream is suitable for both women and men.

Eye cream

This cream helps reduce dark circles, redness and swelling around the eyes. It can be used both in the morning and in the evening. Using this cream will provide hydration and protection to the contours of your eyes.

Hand cream

If you have pain in the joints of your fingers, redness, dehydrated hands,… this cream is for you. In addition to relieving joint pain, it hydrates your skin, reduces redness, swelling and helps prevent dry hands.

Body lotion and gel

Body lotion is a massage lotion that can be administered all over the body. This lotion hydrates, conditions and hydrates your skin. It can also relieve muscle pain. You only need to massage the area of ​​your body that is painful to relieve and relax your muscles.

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Body Lotion with CBD

Developed by Cannapresso, known for their excellent e-liquids...

Price €29.90
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Eye cream with CBD

The eye cream is the logical continuation of what Cannapresso...

Price €19.90
  • New

Hand cream with CBD

Hand Cream from Cannapresso is, as the name suggests, a cream...

Price €14.90
  • New

CBD Pain relief Cream

This pain relief cream is the cream with the highest rate of...

Price €49.90
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