How does the electronic cigarette cost less than the traditional cigarette?

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It is not often that we talk about the budget but we will gather here some information about the budget of the electronic cigarette compared to the traditional cigarette because there is a lot to say!

Let's start by making an average, an average smoker smokes more or less 1 pack of cigarettes per day (20 cigarettes), the pack of Marlboro being currently at 8 € in Europe on average and that there are 30 days in a month, that makes us an average of 240 € per month to spend on the purchase of cigarettes. For this same smoker, the electronic cigarette budget is to be divided by 4! Indeed, a vaper smokes an average of 10ml of e-liquid in 3 days, a 10ml bottle costing 6.5 €, we arrive at 65 € per month.

And again, only if we use the small bottles of e-liquid because there is also the solution of 50ml bottles which cost 29.5 € which gives a total of 59 € per month for the same quantity. After seeing this we can say to ourselves that the electronic cigarette is really interesting to consider financially and well that's not all!

For purists we will also find the DIY solution. What DIY will you tell me, it's Do It Yourself (do it yourself), that is to say that you can produce your own liquid using the available ingredients at your vape seller. An article available on the blog will tell you more about how DIY works, this to say that the same amount of e-liquid mentioned above in the article comes to more or less € 17.5! Of course you will have to add the amount of your electronic cigarette to this, however you have several promotions on the site that allow you to buy a large amount of e-liquid and receive the material for free!

In conclusion, in any configuration, vaping is saving!

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