The cocktail of summer in your atomizer!

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Here we are already in the second part of the summer, so it is time for us to release a new recipe ! Many of you liked the first one, so let's do the same for the second!

We are going to leave with a well-known but unfortunately forgotten cocktail, a one-way ticket to the islands today we are going to vape home made Pina Colada! Small moment of history, Pina Colada comes to us from Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and it was declared the national drink in 1978, which is to say that we are on a great classic. Its preparation is very simple, here is what you need: - 5 ml of Coconut - 4 ml of Pineapple - 1 ml of Eucalyptus (this one is not in the original recipe but it adds a little freshness) There you go, you are ready to travel! Do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments area to alert other vapers looking for new flavors!

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