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A federal bill to legalize cannabis in the USA

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Senate Majority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer recently said it was time for a federal legalization of cannabis in the United States. He and 99 other senators are drafting a bill that would legalize cannabis throughout the United States, or all 50 states of the United States.

Currently, only 15 states have legalized the use of recreational cannabis, which is not the case at the federal level. Senator Schumer said on the steps of the Senate, “We want to get this bill passed. It's time. The American people support it. We ask everyone to tell their MPs, their senators, that it is overdue. It is a question of justice, justice, justice, but also of freedom "

The Senate and the House of Representatives are slightly dominated by Democrats. There are 51 seats out of 100, in favor of the Democrats, in the Senate and we have 219 elected, against 211, in the House of Representatives. If the Senate approves this bill, it will be studied in the House of Representatives. If the House approves this bill, US President Joe Biden will have to sign the federal bill. We recall that Joe Biden promised a decriminalization of cannabis in his program.

There is still some way to go before this bill lands on the president's desk. The text is being drafted by the Senators. But this bill is likely to succeed, thanks to the various supports of Senator Chuck Schumer, such as Democrat Ron Wyden, elected from Oregon, where cannabis has been legal since 2014.

The Senators have already drafted the broad outlines and their guidelines are clear. They clearly don't want the big tobacco and alcohol companies to take over this market. According to the Senate Majority Leader, “We don't want the big tobacco and alcohol companies to come in and take over. The legislation we are preparing will assure small businesses, and those owned by minorities, that they will have the advantage. Minorities have paid the price for banning cannabis for years. They should at least have something in return ”

Public opinion is also in favor of this legalization. In a poll, conducted last November, 68% of Americans said they were in favor of general legalization of recreational cannabis.

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