Danke schön: Pipeline Store becomes the official distributor of myGeeko and Wiz brands in Germany

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Pipeline Store, a European leader in the electronic cigarette market and a historical player in the vaping industry, is expanding its offerings by announcing a partnership with myGeeko and Wiz. This partnership will allow Pipeline Store to officially distribute products from these two brands in Germany, thereby strengthening their presence in the German market.

Pipeline Store is a 100% German electronic cigarette brand of excellent quality, manufactured in Germany. This specificity ensures optimal quality and reliability, allowing Pipeline Store to stand out in the electronic cigarette market.

myGeeko is a brand of e-liquids known for the diversity of its flavors and the quality of its products. Wiz, on the other hand, is a brand specializing in vaporizers, offering a complete range for discerning vapers.

Thanks to this partnership, Pipeline Store becomes the official distributor of myGeeko and Wiz in Germany, allowing these brands to increase their visibility and presence in the German market. This collaboration is an excellent opportunity for German consumers to discover high-quality e-liquids and vaporizers.

Danke schön to Pipeline Store for its unwavering support for the vaping industry and for choosing to collaborate with myGeeko and Wiz. We are convinced that this alliance will be beneficial for all parties involved and are eager to see what the future holds for these three iconic brands in the world of vaping.

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