Discover endless combinations with the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer.

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The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer revolutionizes the world of vaporizers with its unique ability to simultaneously vaporize dry herb and e-liquid. This innovation allows you to fully customize your vaping experience by mixing the flavors and effects of herbs and e-liquids. In this article, we present the different possible combinations and the benefits of this new approach to vaporization.

1. Combine flavors for a unique taste experience

The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer allows you to experiment with new flavors by mixing your favorite dry herb with your preferred e-liquid. For example, you can vaporize a CBD-rich hemp flower and combine it with a red fruit e-liquid for an unprecedented and relaxing taste experience.

2. Enhance the effects of plants

By using the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer, you can also amplify the effects of plants by combining them with specific e-liquids. For example, if you want to benefit from the relaxing and soothing properties of hemp flower and chamomile, you can vaporize them together for a perfect synergy.

3. Find the right balance between taste and effectiveness

The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer offers you the possibility to find the right balance between taste and effectiveness by adjusting the proportions of vaporized plants and e-liquid. For example, you can increase the proportion of e-liquid to obtain a more flavorful and dense vapor, or prioritize the dry herb to fully enjoy the effects of the plant.

4. Explore new combinations for a personalized experience

With the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer, the possibilities are almost endless. You can explore different combinations of herbs and e-liquids to create your own personalized blend. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. Hemp flower and peppermint e-liquid for a refreshing and relaxing experience.
  2. Gunpowder green tea and citrus e-liquid for a stimulating and energizing vaporization.
  3. Lemon balm and vanilla e-liquid for a soothing and gourmet experience.


The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer opens the door to a world of possibilities for vaporization enthusiasts. Thanks to its ability to simultaneously vaporize dry herb and e-liquid, you can create unique and personalized combinations to meet your taste and effectiveness needs. Don't hesitate to experiment and explore different combinations of plants and e-liquids to make the most of this revolutionary innovation.

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