Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer

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An unprecedented experience!

The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer is a true revolution in the world of vaporizers. Thanks to its Hybrid chip, it allows the simultaneous vaporization of dry herb and e-liquid, offering an unprecedented vaporization experience. With dense and flavorful vapor, the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer allows for total customization of your vaporization experience. You can flavor your CBD flower with your favorite e-liquid or your e-liquid with a CBD flower flavor for almost endless possibilities. In addition, simultaneous vaporization allows for doubling the effects of CBD and other flowers by inhaling more easily and in greater quantity of vapor.

The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer operates with a series of interchangeable batteries, providing adequate autonomy and power for your use. The temperature of dry herb vaporization can be regulated thanks to the five selectable temperatures, ranging from 180°C to 230°C. E-liquid vaporization is automatically regulated according to the resistance of the atomizer and the level of the battery, and uses resistances compatible with the widely used Nautilus Aspire model.

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An unheard of feeling!

Inspired by the best of the vaporizer world, transfigured by the Hybrid chip and designed to stand out while being perfectly suited to your lifestyle. The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer is a combination of two types of vaporization: Dry herb vaporization and e-liquid vaporization. This combination creates a whole new way to vaporize, both e-liquid and dry weed.

The Hybrid chip allows the simultaneous use of both types of vaporizations. It is thanks to it that it was possible to create a 2 in 1 vaporizer. In addition to allowing the combination of the two types of vaporizations and therefore allowing you to switch from one vaporization to another, the Hybrid chip allows you to vaporize dry herb and e-liquid simultaneously. Whatever you do, wonder is guaranteed.

What are the advantages of using the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer? One big flaw in the dry herb vaporizer is that there is very little vapor coming out of it. Indeed, the CBD flower and any other type of dry herb have very little humidity and therefore there is a slight vapor that comes out, but which can frustrate the vaper, ex-smoker. The advantage of combining the two types of vaporization is that you will have a nice dense vapor, thanks to the e-liquid vaporization. The combination of the two types of vaporization also allows you to flavor your CBD flower with your favorite e-liquid or to flavor your e-liquid with a scent of CBD flower, ... the possibilities become practically endless. However, the biggest highlight of this type of vaporization is that when you vaporize the CBD flower at the same time as the e-liquid, the effects of the CBD, or any other type of flower, are multiplied. by 2. Indeed, we inhale more easily and a greater quantity of vapor of e-liquid. The flower vapor and e-liquid will combine and by inhaling this vapor, you will feel the effects much more. The simultaneous vaporization will make you rediscover your favorite flowers.

The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer works with an interchangeable battery system. In order to offer the best autonomy and the best rendering of vapor. This is a series battery operation, so that the voltages add up and provide adequate range and power for your use. Thanks to its USB Type-C port, you can recharge your batteries directly, by plugging your Wiz into a suitable USB port. The battery flap has a second small flap making it easier for you to open and close it.

You will be able to regulate the temperature of the dry herb vaporizer by pre-setting the temperature.

Here are the 5 selectable temperatures:

180 ° C - 190 ° C - 200 ° C - 210 ° C - 230 ° C

The e-liquid vaporization is automatically regulated according to the resistance of your atomizer and the level of the batteries. Composed of a 2ml reservoir, the atomizer uses coils compatible with the globally popular Nautilus Aspire model, which will allow you to find coils suitable in any condition.

The 2 batteries are not provided in the pack

This pack contain:

x1 Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer

x1 Atomizer

x1 Filter1

x1 Filter2

x1 Filter3

x1 Filter4

x1 O-ring

x1 Plastic Ring

x1 Plastic Chassis

x1 Plastic circle

x1 Warning Card

x1 Pick tool

x1 Tweezers

x1 Brush

x1 Drip Tip

x1 Coil

x1 USB Cable

x1 Pollen tube

x1 Grinder

x1 User manual

Data sheet

Charging System
By USB and Extern Charger
Accu 18650
Single Thread
Top Filling
FIRE 3x Switch Mode
Switch Bouton

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