Is cannabis and containment a good match?

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As a consumer I say yes! The setting is ideal, confined to the house and having nothing else to do than pass the time ... but all this constitutes a trap that must be tried to dodge.

Even if we are confined, we must always be productive, if only for cleaning and a few professional tasks.

To do this, you must at all costs avoid starting to smoke THC too early in the day. I say THC because we will also talk about CBD, this new fashionable product that will allow us to delay the urge to smoke a joint.

CBD herb has a soothing effect and that's exactly what we need because confinement can make us depressed!

You can find CBD in different forms to avoid smoking: there are oils with + - high concentrations, herbal teas, cookies, and even in E-liquid for vapers.

As a former cigarette smoker (and current green smoker), I use the CBD E-liquid in a vaporizer, the Vapomix, which allows you to vaporize e-liquids and weed at the same time!

Thanks to this ingenious system, you can enjoy the effects by avoiding combustion and mixing with tobacco.

All that to say that containment and cannabis go very well together when we don't abuse it ... vary the pleasures and stay at home!

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