Legalization of Cannabis in Malta!

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The legalization of medical cannabis has just been voted in Malta! The government has ruled that medical cannabis can be prescribed by doctors to any patient with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, or side effects from chemotherapy.

The list is relatively short however it is already a start and the law may be further amended to accommodate the needs of Maltese patients.

You should know that medical cannabis that has just been legalized may also contain THC, in addition to CBD which is already legalized in many countries in Europe and in the rest of the world. Patients will be able to obtain all kinds of different products, however, all of these must remain non-smoking, it is possible to have dried flowers sprayed or infused in tea, for example. However, between the text of the law and the way to apply it are two different things, in the United States it is very easy to get a prescription from a doctor for simple insomnia and to have access to this news medication, it may be the same for Malta.

In any case, we are happy to see that the virtues of cannabis are more and more recognized around the world and we look forward to having a first feedback on legalization in Malta. We will keep you informed in a few months to see the progress of the project!

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