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myGeeko Kush, the new range of CBD, from myGeeko

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After several months of waiting, the complete myGeeko Kush range is finally available. The first liquid in the myGeeko Kush range was such a success that myGeeko used all its know-how to expand its range and offer quality e-liquids.

The history of the range began when our team had the idea to create an e-liquid based on hemp flower, without the addition of terpenes, nor without the addition of CBD. Have a 100% natural e-liquid, with the real taste of cannabis and natural CBD. In order to offer a quality e-liquid, myGeeko did extensive research to find an ancestral extraction method that extracts all the molecules from the plant, as well as the fragrance from it. After studying and mastering this method, the very first myGeeko Kush was born.

The myGeeko Kush is the first of the range. This e-liquid, so special, was very well received. This is the very first e-liquid with cannabis and CBD, without the addition of terpenes or CBD, but with a fragrance and a dosage of 100% natural CBD. Everyone who has tried it has declared that it is the best CBD e-liquid they have ever tasted. After this monster success, myGeeko decided to expand its range and offer a wider choice.

This is how the other varieties were born:

Amnesia Haze

Lemon Haze

Master Kush

Bubble Kush

Purple Haze

All these e-liquids were produced thanks to the flowers of the same name. Amnesia Haze was produced using the same method as myGeeko Kush, but using the flower of Amnesia Haze. The same is true for the other products in the range.

Thanks to the mastery of this ancestral method, myGeeko succeeded in extracting the CBD alone and was able to add a larger dosage of CBD, in order to guarantee a percentage for people wishing a precise dosage, but while keeping the naturalness of e- liquid. After hard work, myGeeko found the solution and developed its range. You will therefore find all the e-liquids in the myGeeko Kush range, except the myGeeko Kush itself, with 3 dosages of CBD (100mg, 300mg and 500mg).

Each e-liquid is put in a glass bottle, put in a cardboard tube, in order to preserve the liquid as well as possible. The bottle itself is smoked glass, in order to protect the liquid from light and heat. The dropper system allows vapers to dose and control their consumption at best.

To conclude, the myGeeko Kush range is the 100% natural CBD e-liquid range, intended for vapers looking for CBD in their personal vaporizer, as well as vapers nostalgic for the scent of cannabis.


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