myGeeko wish you a happy new year !

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This year 2022 begins under the sign of renewal with the release of the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer which is shaking up the world of vaporizers.

 We hope that this year will also be the year of the evolution in the different legislations for cannabis or electronic cigarettes as we can see in Malta where cannabis is on the way of legalization as in Germany or even the England which aims to decriminalize cannabis and open up even more to CBD. We also hope that this year, like every year, hundreds of thousands of smokers will make resolutions to quit smoking and that they will seek to use tobacco or cannabis in a healthier way. With a lot of work and acquired experiences, the world of electronic cigarettes today offers each smoker an electronic cigarette adapted to his needs and which corresponds more and more to what a smoker expects from a weaning device. .

Over the years, myGeeko has specialized in complete starter packs adapted to each person to offer the best first experience to each smoker seeking to integrate the world of vaporization, we can see it with the Discovery pack of the Wiz One or again with the new ultra complete pack of the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer which includes all the possible products that can be used with the device, we also find the Rigel Smok pack which provides enough liquid to vape for 3 months and still full of packs which are brought out this year.

If you are looking to quit smoking and have any questions about it, feel free to use the "Chat" tab to chat with our teams who will be happy to give you the best advice!

Thank you for your trust and happy new year ! 

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