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New Promition with myGeeko

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myGeeko is launching a brand new promotional campaign. With the purchase of several 50ml bottles of e-liquid from the myGeeko range, receive a FREE electronic cigarette.

Currently, myGeeko has posted 3 exceptional offers:

The iJust AIO from Eleaf

The Cool Fire Mini from Innokin

The Rigel from Smok

These 3 models are among the bestsellers. Each model is adapted to a type of vapoteur:

1. iJust AIO from Eleaf:

The iJust AIO is a basic model, ideal for first-time vapers, or beginner vapers. This model has a 1000mAh battery, so you can last all day. Its 2ml reservoir and 0.6 ohm resistance allows a good rendering of flavor, a good capacity allowing to have a good duration of use.

The iJust AIO is offered for free with the purchase of 2 bottles of 50ml e-liquids from the myGeeko range.

2. Cool Fire Mini from Innokin :

The Cool Fire Mini from Innokin is an intermediate model, ideal for vapers who want a flavor rendering and a more suitable vapor rendering. Supplied with the Zlide atomizer, which is the new atomizer from Innokin, using the coils of the Z range (compatible with the Zenith atomizer), the Zlide is an improvement of the Zenith. Developed by the world famous reviewer duo Phil Busardo and Greek Vape, the Zlide is a perfect atomizer for vapers wanting an electronic cigarette that feels similar to the draw of a "classic" cigarette. In addition to a pleasant draw, with a capacity of 2ml, the filling is simple. The Cool Fire Mini allows you to use power up to 40 watts. Thanks to its 1300mAh battery life and power setting, you can control the battery life, flavor rendering, vapor rendering and also feel.

You can own this kit with the purchase of 4 bottles of 50ml e-liquid from the myGeeko range.

3. Rigel from Smok :

The Rigel from Smok is the latest kit designed by Smok. Smok is known for its boxes and atomizers that allow the use of high wattage, while enjoying unprecedented flavor rendering. The Rigel is no exception to the rule. This double battery box offers a power of up to 220 Watt is supplied with the new TFV9 atomizer, having a capacity of 6.5ml, is the perfect kit for vapers wishing a rendering of flavor and an exceptional rendering of vapor. TFV9 resistors are compatible with TFV8 atomizers. The 0.15 ohm mesh resistors can support up to 150 Watt.

It is possible for you to have this Rigel for free with the purchase of 6 bottles of 50ml e-liquid from the myGeeko range

This promotional campaign is ideal for vapers looking for a pack including e-liquids and vaporizers, at a good price.


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