Picking the Right Temperature

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In the last article we talked about the terpenes and the cannabinoids. About what they are and what they do. To get the most from our favorite herb, today we explain how to set the temperature of our vaporizers just right.

Different things happen at different temperatures. Below we try to give little insight into what happens with the molecules in the cannabis plant when we turn up the heat.

170 to 190 degrees - At the lower end of the scale we are mostly going to find a lot of flavor. The lower temperatures are ideal for discovering the tastes of the different cannabis strains.
These flavors come from the terpenes, the aromatics, from the last article. And although they sometimes have strange sounding names, their flavor is often familiar. A lot of terpenes appear in different plants so you might recognize some of them in your weed.
Limonene, for example, is also found in caraway and dill. Or Pinene, which is in the resin of pine trees. There is a little CBD being vaporized around this temperature, but not enough to have an overwhelming effect.
So a lot of flavor and some mild relaxing effects, but also cooler and more easy to inhale vapors. This makes the lower setting ideal for beginning vapers. Or people looking to get the most taste from their pot

190 to 210 degrees - When we go up a notch, the cannabinoids start to reach their vaporization point. This means that the relaxing effects of the CBD, THC really become noticeable. The vapors will become hotter, making it more satisfying for the seasoned user. There is still a lot of flavor, but at these temperatures the psychotropes (CBD, THC etc.) start to take over from the aromatics (the terpenes).

210 degrees and up - At the highest temperatures the psychotropes all reach their vaporization point. This means we are going to get the maximum effect from our cannabis. At this setting the terpenes go up in vapor really fast, so if flavor is the most important to you, it might be wise to keep it a bit cooler.
The vapors will be hot and can be a bit harsh on the throat and the effects can be intense. These temperatures are best for a late night session on the couch with a nice movie and some ice-cream. Happy Baking!

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