The Chemistry of vaping

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This article and the next will try to make clear some of the chemical processes related to vaporizing. We will talk about what we are actually vaporizing and which temperatures are best suited to which use.

Any living thing is built up out of many building blocks. Humans, animals and plants, all of them... In today's post we will be talking about some of these blocks found in cannabis.
The cannabis plant, like any living thing, consists of a great many blocks.
But some of these however, are more interesting than others (at least for this article): the terpenes and the cannabinoids

Let’s start with the terpenes. Terpenes can be found in any flower or plant. It’s the smell of lavender and the scent of the christmas tree or a freshly mowed lawn.
There are more than 30000 known terpenes. They are the aromatics of the plant world and anytime you smell a plant, you’re smelling a terpene (more than one usually).

The word cannabinoids refers to a group of substances found only in cannabis. There are over a hundred different cannabinoids found in the leaves, stems and flowers of the cannabis plant. A famous one is of course CBD, but you might also have heard of THC.
These cannabinoids are what gives cannabis it’s effect, the so-called psychoactive compounds. They are what makes us feel relaxed in body and mind when we vape.

These compounds all vaporize at different temperatures, so it’s very important to set your vaporizer just right. Luckily myGeeko’s Wiz Hybrid and Wiz One vaporizers offer very precise and intuitive temperature controls.
In the next article, you can read how to choose the temperature best suited to your use.

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