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The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer add-on packs are here!

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The relift and cleaning packs are now available for purchase, these packs include replacement parts as well as the appropriate equipment to maintain your Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer.

The Relift pack includes a top cap, a metal bowl, replacement seals, filters (metal grids), and a mouthpiece. These parts must be replaced when worn out for the long-term operation of your device.

The Cleaning pack includes a stiff brush, tweezers, a tamper or “dabber” tool, a micro-fiber towel and a packet of soaked tissue. The soaked tissues are used to clean the ceramic tank as well as the connectors of your atomizer. It is also important to clean the connectors of your batteries to ensure that your device works properly.

Replacement coils and atomizers are also available.

The resistance must be replaced after having vaporized 100ml of liquid. It is imperative that this part be replaced in due time for the proper functioning of the device.

The replacement atomizer is interesting in several aspects, indeed it can be replaced in case of damage (on the glass for example) but it is also interesting to have a second atomizer to allow you to change tastes in a simple and efficient way.

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