What are the advantages of the vaporizer in the long term?

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The vaporizer is often described as the best tool for consuming weed in a healthy and economical way. Today we are going to list these advantages:

Let's start with the most important, health! Indeed, consuming grass via a vaporizer is much better for your health than smoking it because the vaporizer avoids combustion, you do not inhale any smoke and therefore no harm to your lungs.

By avoiding combustion you save 100% of the molecules of your grass and therefore more sensations for the same dose consumed and therefore less general consumption as a result.

Save! No need for leaves, tobacco, lighter, or pipe, the vaporizer requires little maintenance and replacement parts are affordable.

No more passive smokers around you, the micro vapor that you release with a vaporizer does not affect those around you.

No more unpleasant odor because the micro steam released during use is odorless after a few seconds.

Rediscover the aromas of your plants! No longer contaminate your aromas with tobacco or the smell of burnt paper, enjoy all the aromas that your weed offers.

That's it for the list, if you find other advantages do not hesitate to put them in the comment space!

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