What are the steps to quitting THC with CBD?

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Many traditional cannabis (THC) users go through CBD to reduce or completely stop their use.

But what are the steps to optimize the process?

The first step is to replace or dilute the THC weed with the CBD weed,

whether to smoke it or vape it.

Once THC has been completely replaced by CBD, you must change your mode of consumption, if you smoke it is more interesting for you to switch to a dry herb vaporizer to continue to consume CBD in grass or directly on an electronic cigarette with CBD e-liquid. If you are mixing your THC or CBD weed with tobacco, it is also advisable to add a light dose of nicotine which you can reduce over time.

The last step is to gradually reduce your dose of CBD and nicotine in your e-liquid to reach 0mg, so you will be completely weaned from THC, CBD and nicotine.

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