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Which concentration of CBD to choose for your e-liquid?

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As with nicotine liquid, CBD e-liquids are available in several concentrations. Usually between 1% and 10%

The dosages are adapted to the different frequencies of use, for example, the 1% is a suitable dosage for a person consuming CBD throughout the day, the dose will then be diffused on a long duration. While a 5% e-liquid is more suitable for a person looking to consume a few minutes in the evening before going to bed for example, then the dose will be released over a short period of time but the effects will be multiplied.

This rule works for any CBD e-liquid available on the market. The 10% concentration is rarer because CBD in liquid form can be harsh on the throat and the majority of consumers find it difficult to inhale it without feeling discomfort in the throat. It is also possible to dose your CBD dosage yourself by using the boosters, these will allow you to add CBD to any e-liquid. Be careful not to mix nicotine and CBD because nicotine being a cerebral stimulant and CBD a relaxant, these two molecules mutually cancel the effects of the other.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section!

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