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Which electronic cigarette for beginners?

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Electronic cigarettes are often seen as complicated devices to use, when we hear about Watt, mAh, ohms, resistance, ... It can quickly discourage!

But for a few years now, the evolution of models has stagnated and widened the horizon of models suitable for beginners. You often hear from people looking to start e-cigarettes that they want a cheap model to try out. The problem is that a cheap model will certainly not have the capabilities of a more reliable model and this will distort the user experience because just because your cheap model does not suit you. not that the e-cigarette is not for you. But we are lucky that today we can end up with good equipment to start without having to empty your pockets! Take for example the Jem Box model from Innokin (available on the site), this model offers you several adjustable power levels and a decent autonomy for an average smoker (10 - 15 cigarettes per day), it could satisfy many beginner vapers but it will not be suitable for a heavy smoker, because not powerful enough (draft intensity) and not autonomous enough to follow a smoker of 20 - 25 cigarettes per day. For a heavier smoker, we would recommend the Exceed model from Joyetech, for example, which could satisfy them both in power and in autonomy. As for the power settings, these will be limited by the capacity of the resistor, it is often indicated directly on the resistor the power range to be favored. A model accepting more power will offer a greater intensity of draw and therefore a better experience for its user.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, I will be happy to answer them!

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