Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer

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It's been a while since myGeeko presented us with a preview of the new nugget of the collection, the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer. We were immediately won over by the concept of vaporizing e-liquid and dry herb with the same device and above all, simultaneously!

This jewel of technology combines efficiency and design, it is presented in the form of a box straight out of the future with atomizer and vaporization tank integrated in a robust and light aluminum shell. It works thanks to two 18650 batteries which can provide up to 6000mAH of autonomy which is more than enough for daily use and without hassle. Performance level, this box has everything to please, equipped with 0.5ohms resistance and an airflow system specially designed to offer the best flavor rendering with the myGeeko Kush CBD e-liquid, satisfaction guaranteed! Especially since this device solves the main problem of the vaporizer, the smoke!

Finally in this case if the vapor, because yes, a dry herb vaporizer does not produce any smoke which can be confusing and especially unsatisfactory for a smoker, we have the impression of drawing hot air flavored cannabis but none material to offer this feeling of fullness, this is where the e-liquid vaporizer comes into play, which will produce a large amount of dense vapor naturally flavored with cannabis with the myGeeko Kush, this is the one smoker will rediscover the pleasure of smoking without having the inconvenience that this causes.

In addition, the device is fairly easy to use, it only has 3 buttons, the largest being the main button which is used to operate the machine and to navigate between the 3 different modes of use. Then the two smaller buttons are on the bottom of the device and are used only to choose the desired heating temperature thanks to the X temperature levels predefined by the manufacturer, which are considered the ideal temperatures for use. The three modes allow you to either vaporize dry herb only, vaporize e-liquid only, or use both systems simultaneously. Thanks to its modes, the Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer is also aimed at cigarette smokers because the e-liquid vaporizer can be intended for use with e-liquid containing not CBD but nicotine! We can imagine using the vaporization of e-liquid during the day like a traditional electronic cigarette in order to quit smoking and at the same time benefit from the effects of CBD this time in the background in the dry herb compartment.

The advantages of this device are manifold and today we are witnessing perhaps the greatest innovation in the world of vaporization.

Pre-orders are available now for € 249 on the myGeeko website.

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