Discover High Density: The CBD Revolution from myGeeko

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Welcome to! We are excited to introduce our brand-new innovation from myGeeko laboratories: High Density. This revolutionary CBD solution offers a concentration 20 times higher than the products currently available on the market.

An Unmatched Concentration

Achieving such a concentration has long been a challenge. The CBD molecule in e-liquids tends to become irritating as the concentration increases, worsened by the terpenes used to flavor cannabis-flavored e-liquids. However, myGeeko has already overcome this issue with myGeeko Kush, a cannabis e-liquid created through the natural extraction of the plant's aromas without isolating the terpenes.

A Revolutionary Extraction

Thanks to various discoveries related to this extraction, we have been able to rework the extraction of the CBD molecule itself to achieve a much smoother result at high concentrations. The result is our new High Density, which will be offered in a closed pod system exclusively for Sunakin products, starting with the newcomer, the eKwik.

The Benefits of High Density

With such a high concentration, High Density changes consumption habits by allowing the effects of CBD to be felt instantly. Perfect for those seeking relaxation, it allows you to enjoy the relaxing effects of CBD like never before. Today, it is possible to replace your CBD herb consumption with High Density vape without losing sensations or effects, thereby preserving your health.

High Density represents a major breakthrough in the world of CBD, offering a more effective and healthier solution for vape enthusiasts. Stay connected on for more information and to discover our other innovative products.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new solution! Feel free to contact us with any questions or to learn more about High Density and our other products. Thank you for being part of the myGeeko community!

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