Introducing our new retailer in France: Elite CBD in Longjumeau

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Dear customers and CBD enthusiasts, we are excited to introduce our recent collaboration with an outstanding retailer in France, Elite CBD, located in Longjumeau. You are invited to explore a wide range of products, from edibles to cosmetics, herbs, resins, and much more!

Elite CBD is not just a retailer. It symbolizes a genuine passion for CBD in all its forms, which is reflected in their vast range of products. They have recently expanded their offering with our revolutionary Wiz Hybrid vaporizer and our MyGeeko Kush 50ml e-liquid.

Those looking for a genuine alternative to cannabis consumption will be delighted to discover the MyGeeko Kush 50ml e-liquid. With its authentic note of cannabis and enriched with CBD, it offers an unmatched vaping experience that will meet the expectations of the most discerning.

Whether you are a CBD connoisseur or a curious novice, the Elite CBD team will welcome you with personalized service in a friendly atmosphere. Their expertise and passion for CBD guarantee high-quality service, and their wide range of products will meet all your expectations.

Don't wait any longer and discover the full range of MyGeeko products at our new partner, Elite CBD. Visit their website to explore their impressive selection.

We are delighted to be working with Elite CBD and look forward to offering you even more choice and quality through this new collaboration. Keep following us for more news and don't forget to visit Elite CBD for your next vaping adventure.

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