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The Americano e-liquid is a skillful blend of American blond tobacco, roasted hazelnut, and Ecuadorian cocoa flavors. Discover an e-liquid with complex aromas, perfectly dosed for an intense and flavorful vaping experience. Available in a 60ml (50ml) bottle for use with or without nicotine or CBD boosters.

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myGeeko E-juice - Americano

Americano is an e-liquid from the English brand myGeeko, offering a unique vaping experience for fans of American blond tobacco flavors. This liquid offers a perfectly balanced complex combination of flavors with accents of roasted hazelnut and Ecuadorian cocoa.

With its 60ml bottle and 50ml capacity, Americano is an e-liquid ready to be boosted with nicotine or CBD for optimal customization of your vaping experience.

The expert blend of American blond tobacco, roasted hazelnut, and Ecuadorian cocoa flavors offers a rich and nuanced taste experience without ever being too sweet or artificial. The tobacco flavor is subtle and gives way to notes of roasted hazelnut and Ecuadorian cocoa, creating a perfect balance between sweetness and robustness.

Americano is perfect for those looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes while appreciating the complex flavor of American blond tobacco. With its quality ingredients and delicious taste, Americano is a premium choice for demanding vapers who want a flavor and aroma-rich vaping experience.

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Vegetal Glycerine
50 ml
Propylen Glycol
Blond Tobacco

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